Charms – Gentle Foretelling

Here we are again, the end of one year and the beginning of the next. It is the time when I do a predictive reading for myself for the coming year. Of course, it is the movement from 2020 to 2021. We all hope 2021 will see positive changes for our entire planet toward safety, healing, and love, among many of our wishes.

I developed Charms several years ago and have taught it to many people. Charms uses a chart I designed and ‘board pieces’ that originally came from charms for bracelets. The amount of objects and variety developed quickly as I just adore symbolism. I’ve added Scrabble cubes (for names), astrology charms (I am an avid astrologer, even a gold toilet a friend gave me (symbolizes ‘going to poo’).

A sacred space is created for the chart/board with crystals and other objects to stage the clearest most accurate information from Higher Intelligence and Love – the Divine. Then I shake up my bag of amazing objects, reach in for a handful, then let them fly onto the board. The board has dates, body parts, aura parts, people on Earth, people passed over, angels, PLUS all the board pieces with their symbolism. AND it has shown over and over again to give accurate information with dates! An example is the large strawberry in mid-February – I’m reading that as when I will be able to get the vaccine for Covid. I did a session some months ago and the strawberry landed on the same date/place then. Repeat as a coincidence – nope!

You can get a Charms session with me and/or you can take the online course to receive your own board pieces beginning set and the beautiful Charms board.

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