SoulPrints Art & Report


Art and report are completely unique and personalized to YOU!


Gorgeous original 8x10 artwork in a printable file.


Artwork and report is psychically channeled by Sue.


Detailed report about your angel is sent as a downloadable file.

Unique channeled artwork of your life purpose, guides, and past lives. This also includes an audio file reading.

About Art & Report

 SoulPrints & Report begins with a very personal foundation, an image of your handprint. Based in exploration with your Spirit Guides, and through viewing your aura, Sue seeks images of your prominent past lives, guides, energy colors, and more, to tell your soul’s story. It’s more than a conversation artwork piece, it’s a platform for jumping into meditation to explore yourself. 


This includes a downloadable file sent to you through email. The file includes 8×10 printable artwork and Word document. Please send your payment through PayPal by clicking the button below.

Please email a photocopy of your palm to sue

Please email a photocopy of your palm to sue

Your actual palm print is the base for your personalized artwork. What Sue adds are images, colors, symbols all connected to relevant pastlives, guides, and your LifePath.

Art that can guide your Soul Evolution.

Sue is gentle and kind and very good at what she does (although I can't ever figure out just what it is that she does, I just know it works!) She is artistic, intuitive, curious, and has a voracious appetite for learning.
Sherry Mullins
Licensed Professional Counselor

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