Angels of Sleep

Memuneh is a category of angels. Memuneh means “Appointed One.” They are appointed as defenders of mortals as we ‘travel’ in the heavens. When we sleep we often ‘astral travel’ – astral meaning “of the stars”. We also commonly travel the Inner Places as psychics and mediums. We are all intuitives, some easily more so than others.


When you ask someone where is Heaven, they will often point upwards into the sky, where the stars are or beyond. So traveling in Heaven… it’s a big place, you may need a guide! Dante Alighieri wrote his Divine Comedy, a journey through Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise, as his travelogue with guides Virgil the poet and his idealized childhood sweetheart Beatrice. It’s one of our earliest accounts of the Inner Planes. Yet he could have worked with a memuneh, the specialized guardians who are there to care for us in the midst of all the elements that can go bump in the darkness of our unconscious. Memuneh protects and teaches both in our daydreams and night dreams.


Memuneh are dressed in wings and colors like dusk, like turtledoves. It is the color of silence, mystery, magic, dreams, stars, the night. All human beings dream, although we may not always remember our dreams. Memuneh help you remember and understand (although that is secondary to protecting). As you go to sleep this evening, clear your mind of accumulated rubbish: fears, anxieties, concerns. Ask the Memuneh to help you have lucid dreams. Focus on the image I have made here as a stimulant to your own true vision of these angels.


As you drift to sleep imagine yourself walking in a garden full of evening light. The sweet air is full of the sounds of birds, the breeze high up in swaying tall slender treetops. Turtledoves call, swooping and landing on the path before you. You may find a hammock, a couch, or a perfect place in this garden to lay down for a nap. This is a sacred place God has created especially for dreaming. In the evening light in this comfortable safe haven, the special atmosphere helps your breath be more relaxed, and your body relaxes as well. Lighter than air, full of grace in the soft light. You may prayerfully ask the Divine to help you through revelations in your dreams.


Imagine Memuneh, in her gown the color of evening light, coming to you in the garden. In her arms she holds a gift that is a strong clue, an answer, to one of your life questions. Look carefully at what she offers. If you do not understand the gift now is the time to ask within the silence of mind and heart for further insight. This insight will arrive now or as the next 24 hours of your awaking life unfolds. Thank the Memuneh and ponder on what has been gifted.


When you are ready, you will know it is time to return to a waking state, fully relaxed and with increased energy and well being.

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