Breathing with Sun Angels….

Sunlight – we love it. Overcast days just don’t cut it for long with our moods, but sunny days , delightful! Sunlight restores and reaffirms our vitality. Our sun is the source of energy for plants, animals, us.

The Sun can be too hot, burning, and we certainly could not get too close to it, much less live in it. We are a frequency of atoms and molecules that can’t exist beyond the parameters of the physical properties our chemical constraints obey. Our body lives in a frequency different from our soul, which belongs to the dimension of consciousness, not physicality.

The idea that angels ‘live’ in the Sun, as well as other ethereal dimensions, may seem odd. They do not have physical beingness. They are spirit ‘beingness’. There is a classification of angels that do just this, exist within the light, the quality of light, that is exemplified by a lovely sunny day. Basically these angels ARE starlight, yet they are the star that is our day, our star, Sol the sun. This class of angels is tied to uplift, sunny disposition, optimism.

One of these angels is called Milikiel. Originally I drew/painted his image and told his story a few decades ago via a commission for an angel portrait for a friend. Over the decades I have found Milikiel an easy, familiar, consistent angelic companion for me as well. I think he is for a number of people. I experience him and other sun angels appearing in the spiritual reading sessions of a number of my clientele.

I have written on Milikiel, the Angel of Renewal, in another blog with a little different focus. Here’s more in this video.

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