Aura Art & Report


Art and report are completely unique and personalized to YOU!


Gorgeous original 8x10 artwork in a printable file.


Artwork and report is psychically channeled by Sue.


Detailed report about your aura is sent as a downloadable file.

Unique channeled artwork of your 7 aura layers and chakras. This also includes a detailed, personalized report about each layer in your aura, your chakras, and more.

About Art & Report

 Aura Artwork shows 7 layers of your aura, physical, etheric, emotional, mental, causal, spiritual and divine. Sue explains the colors as she senses/sees them, talking about their development strengths, what’s next, their gifts. Your chakra health and progress is delineated, with practical suggestions for a quantum leap.

This includes a downloadable file sent to you through email. The file includes 8×10 printable artwork and Word document. Please send your payment through PayPal by clicking the button below.

Sue is gentle and kind and very good at what she does (although I can't ever figure out just what it is that she does, I just know it works!) She is artistic, intuitive, curious, and has a voracious appetite for learning.
Sherry Mullins
Licensed Professional Counselor

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