Energy Healing

Trained in multiple disciplines and a medical clairvoyant, Sue has an amazing ability to hear, see, know, feel the aura and know what it needs. Sue will describe what your energy’s history is, what needs resolution, and then help you find your path to that contented peaceful resolution. She has worked daily for decades on self and others.

Angelic Healing

Sue works with angels to transform your energy aura at physical mundane, astral emotional/mental, and esoteric causal and divine levels. Most likely you will feel the work as Sue, her angelics and YOURS work on you at a distance. This can be done via video conferencing or in an email giving you the description of the session work.

You can purchase our course to train with the angels to do the healing work. Level One is to receive blessing for self, Level Two teaches how to work on others.

Family Karma Healing

Sue will go through your family tree for generations to find the genesis for family behaviors living still within you and/or your children. Specific techniques are worked to release these karmic bindings. Sue begins by studying your astrology chart to find the basis of your inherited karma and personal karma. She will ask for your birth date, place, and a birth certificate time. (Mom’s memories of time of birth are sweet, but often inaccurate.) Sue uses her training in behavioral sciences and energy development cycles to give descriptions of roles played by the generations, typically back to 5, but can go to 7 generations for either Mother or Father’s branches of the family tree

Chakra Healing

Chakras are vortices of energy flowing in and out, linking all the layers of your fields to one another and to everything/everyone/everywhere/everytime. Sue works with 40+ chakras of your aura, plus the 72,000 nadii of the fields. Really. Sue can see, feel, and get them to shift to balance. This is done via video conferencing so you can experience, or done in a post session email with a voice recording.

VIBES Tuning Fork Healing

Bowls, bells, tuning forks, whistles, drums, anything that can make a vibration, an oscillation – and you can have this work done via video conferencing session. Work is on chakras, aura layers, and meridian lines. Sue works with a surrogate form under her huge pyramid so you can participate ‘live’.

We hope Sue will find time to put what she knows into a course for us, because her sessions are quite an experience…. trance inducing and transformational.

Absentee Healing

Absentee /long distance healing sessions come with a written assessment and recommendations via email. For 2 days various healing as needed with an email describing what was observed / what was done. Work is often very deep & at a karmic level, frequently including family patterns/generational healing as well as causal / past life.

To work on you or another she needs: 1) Permission of the recipient 2) Their name 3) Where they live 4) Email address, and 5) A photo, which can be emailed or online FB.

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