Soul Flame Course

The Course

This is the course to understand your unique 3-fold flame and that of others.

3-Fold Flame

To know the Soul Path put inside your heart at birth and drawn out at death is to know clearly your big picture.

The Angel of the Flame

Included is a meditation to meet Angel Lailah for assistance and advice.


See our shop to order a Personal gorgeous 8x10 artwork of your flame with some pages explaining the colors.

Discover your unique 3-fold flame in this online course. Learn more about your inner divine spark and the color of your soul.

Once upon a time, you received a call from the Highest of High, asking you “would you like to go to live in a body on Earth?”

Of course you answered “yes”, and this set you on a Path. The Beloved wanted you to remember how to get back “Home” so it anchored your very best nature into the Light of Your Heart. So it began, you developed a nice coppery tube down from the Light of Heaven and into the earth life. This tube would keep you, like an umbilical cord, tied to Gravity, tied to a body. It’s a grounding cord. And the Highest of High placed a flame of three into your heart.


This course is online and includes visuals and audio recorded by Sue.

About Soul Flames Course

The Soul Flames Course is an online course for all levels of students. Our Soul Flame is designed by the Divine as a template for our development, with a past life section, current life, and future endeavors. This course helps you discover more about what a 3-fold flame is, the different colors of soul flames, and how to evolve in your Soul’s Path.


This 3 Fold Flame has colors of your current life’s purpose and destiny at the center. To the left is the colors you have brought into this incarnation as gifts and talents you are aligned with. The flame to the right is your future, the farther shore of your being.

Sue is gentle and kind and very good at what she does (although I can't ever figure out just what it is that she does, I just know it works!) She is artistic, intuitive, curious, and has a voracious appetite for learning.
Sherry Mullins
Licensed Professional Counselor

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