Healing Arts of Atlantis, Memoirs and Teachings from a High Priestess

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Online course includes written course content and audio


Awaken memories while learning techniques that give solid results


Receive a certificate of completion once you finish the ten series of the course.

Awaken, Transform, Reclaim your Sacred Self, Gain Tangible Skills.
Receive a discount for buying all ten, was $279, now $197 Course One is FREE to give you a taste of the information

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This includes unlimited access to all online materials for one year. For more information about the Healing Arts of Atlantis, scroll down this page

Type of Courses

Memoirs and Teachings of Atlantis is an online course for those who want to learn to new perspectives on Atlantis, the day to day teachings and techniques as well as the journal of a High Priestess and her 21st century incarnation, Sue Hidalgo. This course includes written course materials, visuals, and audio recorded by Sue.


After you purchase Healing Arts of Atlantis, you will be given access to the course materials online. You don’t need a password to access the materials – and you can access them whenever you like, and as much as you like! You are guaranteed access to this course for one year.

What You’ll Learn

Once you complete the class, you’ll be ready to perform energy balancing work for yourself and others!

Course Outline


Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven

Part Eight

Part Nine

Future Classes

Sue is gentle and kind and very good at what she does (although I can't ever figure out just what it is that she does, I just know it works!) She is artistic, intuitive, curious, and has a voracious appetite for learning.
Sherry Mullins
Licensed Professional Counselor

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